Poetry Of Palestine – Ibtisam Barakat #palestine #gazaunderattack #poetry

Acclaimed Palestinian-American author, poet, translator, artist and educator, Ibtisam Barakat ابتسام بركات  grew up in Ramallah, Palestine, and came to the US for an internship in 1986.  She holds two Masters degrees, and has taught Language Ethics at Stephens College.  Barakat’s memoir, TASTING THE SKY: A Palestinian Childhood (2007) won many awards and honours, including the International Reading Association’s Best Non-Fiction for Young Adults; Middle East Council Best Literature Book; and Arab-American National Best Book for YA and Children.


A Poem Made Of Water

By Ibtisam Barakat


The biology teacher said that

people, all people, are made

mostly of water ..

And I understood that

all of us, like water,

have been through so much;

fell from the sky ..

spent nights in the middle

of a dark ocean ..

cleaned dirt out of clothes

and dishes of all kinds ..

had to freeze in winters

and simmer under covers,

and be put in cubes and 

hit countless times

on kitchen counters ..

and I understood why

when someone’s tears fall

I feel …



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