UK Customers – Download my book for 99p!

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Evie Gaughan

The Mysterious Bakery On Rue de Paris (7) - Copy  From tomorrow (Monday 25th August), you can download The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris on Amazon UK for 99p!

The last few days of summer are always a bit gloomy, so I’m turning that frown upside down with a Kindle Countdown Deal 🙂  Forget the fact that the weather is getting decidedly chillier and the evenings shorter; think of all the wonderful things in store.  The kids are going back to school – hurray!  (I mean, aw, poor little mites) and mercifully that damned ice-cream van will no longer pollute our ear-drums with the clanging chime of ‘Popeye The Sailor Man’ as it drones around the housing estates.  The crisp and cosy season of Autumn lies ahead which means woodland walks shuffling through the fallen leaves, gathering blackberries for jam and getting stuck into a good book.

Cue the Kindle Countdown Deal!  Just for UK customers this time…

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