Rituals, Routines, Secrets And Chairs.

Interesting article by Sarah Bannan in the Irish Times yesterday about the writing ritual.  From Gavin Corbett’s 18 cups of tea (the bladder control!) to Christine Dwyer Hickey’s bribery plates;  writers of every genre have adopted all manner of clever tricks and stratagems to prepare for the writing day or night or museful couple of hours.

My time used to be a bit like Sarah’s: 4/5am.  There’s something both magical and uncanny about the hours before dawn; the house is so quiet and the secrets in the shadows are too useful to miss. I’ve been sleeping-in a lot lately so, no, will-power completely out the window!  So what’s your ritual?  A meditation, an old pen, comfy seat cushion, bowlful of Brazil nuts and an over-ripe banana? You can read Sarah Bannan’s article here and also check out Timothy Pike’s blog for more writing wisdom.


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