WestWords Perfect Pair!

A forgotten gem from my show about Mirrors & Reflections: Scottish poet, Doctor and performer Gael Turnbull. Born in Edinburgh in 1928, he grew up in the North of England and in Canada. He founded the Migrant Press in 1957 which featured many transatlantic poets. His books include: A Gathering Of Poems and Rattle Of Scree and his collected poems There Are Words was published by Shearsman Books in 2006. He was a prolific writer and was read by a wide circle of Admirers. He died in Herefordshire in 2004. This is:
By Gael Turnbull

It was as if she couldn’t know herself. Only other persons could
Do that. When she searched for her image, there was always the
Reminder: one green eye, one brown. Her mother had tried to
Reassure that it made her attractive, interesting, that it was an asset,
Not a defect

Which wasn’t what troubled, or even the lack of symmetry, but that
when she looked in the mirror, she was always reversed, with her
Green eye on the left, her brown on the right. Only others saw her
As she was. Only others might make the affirmation, ‘You are’. For
Her, it was always the reflection, ‘Am I?’


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