Lefties of the World Unite!


Evie Gaughan

pointing+hand+vintage+image+graphicsfairy2I am left-handed, which not only makes me far superior to all you ‘righties’ out there (unless you need a cheque signed, that’s a bit of a struggle!) but also leaves me open to some odd cultural misconceptions.  Are we the devil’s handmaidens, or are we highly gifted?  I think you already know the route this blog will take 😉

Known as a ‘Citog’ in my own native tongue, I’m sometimes called a ‘Leftie’, or when I was stateside, a ‘Southpaw’.  All of these names basically have the same connotation;  You’re different.  Which, to a person like me, is the highest of compliments!  Although it hasn’t always been that way.  The route of our ‘otherness’ may lie in any one or all of the following sources.  Organised religion; they seemed to consider the left as being evil and connected with the devil.  Medieval society; they invented the whole shaking hands…

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