sigur ros

Dogs by WestWords

The poetry and music of Dogs featuring Paul Zimmer, Laurence Ferlinghetti and Lars Gustafsson. Music from Cat Stevens, The Gloaming and John Coltrane.

The Wolves – Ben Howard

Dog Music by Paul Zimmer & Naima – John Coltrane

Dog by Laurence Ferlinghetti & Me And My Arrow – Harry Nilsson

What The Dog Perhaps Hears by Lisel Meuller & Svo Hijolt – Sigur Ros

If Feeling Isn’t In It by John Brehm & I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens

Walking The Dog by Howard Nemerov & Mr. Bojangles – Neil Diamond

Elegy For A Dead Labrador by Lars Gustafsson & Hunting The Squirrel – The Gloaming

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Izrael Kamekevivo’ole

Enjoy the show!