Poetry Of Palestine – Kamal Butros Nasser #poetry #palestine #gazaunderattack

Celebrating Palestinian writers and poets!

Palestinian political leader, writer and poet Kamal Butros Nasser was was born in Bir Zeit in 1925 to a Palestinian Christian family. He was educated at Bir Zeit school (now Bir Zeit University) then studied political science at the American University of Beirut and graduated in 1945. Later he worked as a teacher while studying law in Jerusalem. Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Nasser worked as a journalist. He was assassinated in West Beirut by IDF in the 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon (Operation Spring of Youth). This is:

The Story

By Kamal Butros Nasser

I will tell you a story ..
A story that lived in the dreams of people ..
A story that comes out of the world of tents ..
Was made by hunger, and decorated by the dark nights
In my country, and my country is a handfull of refugees ..
Every twenty of them have a pound of flour ..
And promises of a relief .. gifts and parcels
It is the story of the suffering group
Who stood for ten years in hunger
In tears and agony ..
In hardship and yearning ..
It is a story of a people who were misled
Who were thrown into the mazes of years
But they defied and stood
Disrobed and united
And went to light, from the tents,
The revolution of return in the world of darkness


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